SBT Off-road 4 Motors electric Jeep (White) (1-8Yrs)

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Outstanding design features of the LB-888 off-road electric car:

+ The super-tall chassis design allows the vehicle to cross any bumpy terrain without any obstacles. Super durable plastic alloy frame with extremely good bearing capacity.

+ High-quality plastic makes up the perfect details on the car, which is rigorously tested for safety with the baby’s health. Strong joints and rounded corners for absolute safety.

+ 4 large-sized wheels, large wheel surface to help increase grip with the road surface, anti-slip grooves, dispersed in body weight to keep a good balance for the vehicle to move.

+ 4 spindle motors on each wheel are directly connected to 12V7A battery pack for powerful wheel rotation capacity, conquering all roads. Long playtime with large battery storage.

+ Extremely soft leather seat with super comfortable backrest will help your baby relax and rest right in the car. Bay arm system, solid support, can open the door on both sides.

+ The convenient control panel can monitor the remaining battery, the steering wheel, forward and backward levers, music buttons – lights, usb plugs are arranged scientifically for easy use.

+ Self-driving mode and remote control switch flexibly, parents can via the controller or app control 2.4G bluetooth connection conveniently and easily.

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Size 120 x 66 x 71 cm
Weight of vehicle 15 kg
Max Weight 40 kg
Battery 12V7AH
Motor 4 Motors
Speed ​​of movement 3-5 Km/h
Age Group 1-8 years old
Colour White


Jeep models are always the first choice of children when choosing a fun car because the jeep is more compact but still no less powerful and flexible in moving. LB-888 electric jeep welcomes children to have fun and experience to have great moments, traveling on familiar roads in their playground. With an extremely attractive original design, the LB-888 jeep brings a cool beauty with a powerful engine for maximum power and ideal playtime with the vehicle. The car will carry your baby everywhere and learn all the good things from the world around him.

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