SBT Yellow Lamborghini Style Racing Car With Hydraulic Doors (1-7YRS)


  • 12V Battery and 2 Motors both on back tires.
  • Pre-loaded Music Panel With Bluetooth, USB (Pan Drive) & AUX Cable Port.
  • Swing Function, Front And Reverse Button, Door Opens both Side, Attractive Headlight & Backlight, Remote Control And Self Driven.
  • Assembly required. Suitable for kids between 2 to 8 years. It can Carry maximum weight of 45 KGs. Charge the battery according to the included instruction manual.
  • Dimensions 114*62*32 CM
  • Battery: 12V batteries
  • 30W 2 motors (max 3.7 MPH)
  • Speed of 3-12 km / h
  • High Age of use 1-7-year-old Baby ( Subject to kids health and growth)
  • Highlights in the design of electric cars
  • Simulation of the adult car version so it is very luxurious and elegant, with 2 very open doors, it is for baby to get on / off the car + Electric car model for baby is made from high quality materials , sturdy metal frame, ensuring safety for babies.
  • 4 wheels are designed to be anti-slip, with damping mode to help smooth movement on many road surfaces
  • With Remote to control Remote when your baby is small, older children can drive themselves.
  • Seats of vehicles designed spacious enclosed seatbelt infant driving, vehicle 2 chairs, plastic and leather seats, leather seats course will sit quieter
  • System vehicle lights very nice front and rear
  • Electric cars for children also impressed with the micro music system, with connection ports: USB, MP3, remember to connect to open music from outside, with volume control buttons to big / small .
  • A luxurious, compact model that fits into your family space and unique features is a great choice for your baby.

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The Baby Racing Car is a super car with super style. The Kids Car 12v has always been at favourite at Kids Electric Cars and this brand new model is loaded with up to date features making this one of the most wanted kids electric toys of the year. Most noticeably the 12v Kids Car has been given brand new bodywork and a stunning two tone Yellow and Black paint job, that will make this kids car stand out from any other.

Note: Six-Month limited warranty on Battery & Motors